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Hello Ma’am, I just went through your video (hair whitening at young age) on YouTube that was really helpful. But one thing I couldn’t figured out was what do you mean by harsh shampoo I mean what are the shampoos called harsh and what shampoo should I use

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There are many chemicals added in the shampoos which can cause harmful effects & damage our hair. Shampoos which are rich in chemicals like Sulphates, paraben, Artificial colors, Artificial fragrances, dyes etc. are known as Harsh Shampoos.

Sulphates are the chemicals used as a lathering agent in shampoos which give us a ‘clean’ feel after using shampoo. But these can also cause washing of the natural oil from roots which are required to nourish our hair in turn making our hair dry, brittle & frizzy

Paraben are generally added to increase shelf life of shampoos. Those are not directly named in the list but the compounds rich in paraben will be mentioned for example, butylparaben, ethylparaben, and methylparaben etc. These can cause hormonal disturbance & affect our reproductive health too.

Synthetic fragrances & colors can cause skin irritation, allergy like issues. When checking the label, look for the terms FD&C or D&C combined with a number. The danger is that most of the chemicals used to create fragrances & color can lead to infertility, irritation, hair loss, asthma, and cancer.

Shampoos which are rich in natural ingredients like amla, reetha, shikakai, onion, kalonji, rosemary, almond etc. & are free of sulphates, paraben & artificial color & fragrances are known to be the safest options & should be used. These may not lather much but they won’t harm your hair as well.

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