How to control Diabetes 


I am 45 suffering from boderline diabetes. my family has a history of diabetes and i want to control it at the initial stage only. can i control it or i will get diabetes due to my genetics?

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Hi! The good thing about diabetes is that it is based on both your lifestyle along with genetics, hence is very much controllable.

All you have to do is to exercise regularly, have a healthy diet with minimal sugar and refined foods and not consume unhealthy oils like trans fatty acids. Consume more of proteins (egg, paneer, sprouts etc ) and natural fibre ( whole grain oats, wheat bran, flaxseeds etc ) If you do all this you will control it very well.

We have Vedique Diet App where you get a complete diet plan for Diabetes. This will help you in following a nutrient-rich, balanced diet plan. You can download the Vedique Diet App for Android and iOS.

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