How to cure Pcos naturaly


I am 34 and have been diagnosed with pcos,also i am not able to concieve naturaly. Can pcos be controlled naturaly?

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PCOS or PCOD is a condition which can be managed very well by correct nutrition, some exercise and few herbs. But first, you need to understand how PCOS or PCOD develops so that you are knowledgeable about the triggers of PCOS.

Some women inherit a genetic tendency, wherein they are sensitive to the carbohydrates in their diet and when they consume simple carbs, their insulin overreacts leading to hormonal imbalances. Hence the first trigger is eating simple carbs (white bread, sugar, white rice).

The second issue is a sedentary lifestyle which also slows metabolism.

The third issue is the presence of too many foods which have unnatural or chemical components (All packaged and processed foods).

Due to the above reasons, the insulin is impacted and since all hormones are interlinked, hence the hormones regulating fertility also get imbalanced.

In order to manage the condition and also improve fertility, the following measures can be useful:

  1. Detoxify once a week by having fruits and vegetables all day. Just take organic fruits, vegetables juiced at home, herbal teas, and Triphala powder at night with lukewarm water.
  2. Take Khichdi (brown rice with muh dal and a teaspoon of organic ghee) twice a week for dinner.
  3. Take Triphala every night for a month (1 teaspoon with warm water) at least.
  4. Avoid white sugar, milk, curd (many are impacted with oxytocin given to the cow), bread and bakery products, cornflakes, maida and sooji.
  5. Cereals like oats, quinoa, brown rice, ragi, sattu (channa sattu and barley sattu) are good.

Suggested Herbs
Kanchnaar Guggul 1 tab after lunch 1 tab after dinner with warm water
Ashokarishta 2 tbs with 2 tbs water after lunch and dinner

For a personal Prakriti based day by day diet chart, you can download the FREE Vedique Diet App for Android and iOS.

After downloading the App you can do your Prakriti analysis and based on your Prakriti you will be able to see diets for PCOS.


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