metals in food produced in India


I ordered Chyawanprash (from Amazon: I don’t see it on your website) as well as Ashwaghanda: & love them.  But next day there was a piece on NPR about how most of our generic medicine is manufactured in India.  The piece was essentially about how impossible it is to regulate the product standards in India & we advised against using any product manufactured there.  So I’m concerned.  I have used Ayurvedic products before & when my physical came up they showed all sorts of dramatic changes in blood levels that changed once I stopped using those products.

Please advise how I can be safe using these products that I really like.

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The confusion about Ayurvedic Medicines in India is due to substandard companies selling their products. I can reassure you that good companies have good manufacturing practices and make good quality products. Hence, you do not need to leave your favourite Ayurvedic products just because of any fear.

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