I am 36 years of age,  5’2 height and 64 kg weight.  I am a daughter to 4.5 yr old daughter and had C section delivery.  I had an abortion after 10 months of first delivery.

I am suffering from recurrent PCOD.  I want to plan for second child but for that I need to loose fat and weight.  May I know how this can be achieved. Also note that I lack energy in me.  I am not in full bloom even at the start of the day.

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Dear Nupur, the lack of energy may have any of the following reasons, for example, low levels of vitamin B12, low levels of calcium,  low levels of haemoglobin or low levels of Vitamin D. It is important for the body to be nourished with adequate levels of such Vitamins and minerals, especially if one is planning another child .

The second question was on how to lose weight. The foundation of weight loss is to eat according to the body Prakriti (Body Type) and to eat on time. The science of Ayurveda lays great emphasis on the correct time of eating food, for example eating rice and dal at lunch may be good for the body, but the same food eaten later at night can increase the kapha and lead to weight gain. Similarly, low-fat milk may suit one Prakriti type but shall be harmful to a kapha body type. Hence knowing your Prakriti is important. You can diagnose your Prakriti using this the Vedique Diet App available on Android and iOS.

Most importantly your PCOD has to be taken care of. In PCOD it is very important to avoid or reduce simple carbs (Sugar, white bread, white flour products, corn flour, cornflakes, sugar and sugary drinks, biscuits, bakery items etc ). Many herbs are also beneficial in PCOD which reduce the negative impact of carbohydrates. In any case, a simple and powerful herb is Triphala (1 teaspoon with 1 glass of warm water every night).

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