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My daughter is not drinking water or any fluid throughout the day n get I’ll within every two months low energy not eating food correctly she only want milk she is 7 years old n have to attend school n classes how can I feed n what changes I make in food to develop her immune system

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To meet up the requirement of Energy, Protein, Fats, and Calcium, we advise you to include:

  • Some nuts in her milk (almonds, walnuts, pistachio, cashew nuts, and raisins).

  • Some fruits juices in her diet to increase fluid intake.

  • Try to opt for some of the options like : Ragi kheer, Apple kheer, Carrot kheer, Ghia kheer, Pumpkin Halwa, Suji halwa, moong dal/ Besan halwa, Aloo / Kalachana Tikki, Paneer / Egg roll, etc.

We would advise you to meet a Pediatrician and get her check-up done. A Pediatrician can recommend protein powder as per her current health status.

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