PCOD management

  • I have been diagnosed with PCOD in 2016 ,I have taken many treatments but the condition is same ,I am skinny too
  • Please advice some remedy which can help me
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Insulin resistance is often associated with body fat and being overweight but even lean women have high insulin levels and are subject to high risk of type 2 diabetes. Ovulation is affected by being underweight, as too little body fat can cause menses to stop. Therefore weight loss is not always the treatment for PCOD.

You can follow these tips to improve your health:

1) Eat whole fresh foods that are organic and non-GMO (Genetically modified organisms) whenever possible.

2) Say no to processed, frozen and pre-packaged foods.

3) Eat 5 small meals in a day to keep your blood sugar stable.

4) Always choose whole grains like oats, quinoa, jowar, whole wheat, brown rice, buckwheat, etc. Fiber is great for flushing away unhealthy elements of the food.

5) Choose dark leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables and other groups at least 4-5 servings per day.

6) Do not consume refined carbs like maida, sooji, sugar, cornflour, bread, eat complex carbohydrates and good proteins (legumes, pulses, egg, chicken, fish, soy, sprouts, etc)

7) Consume ginger, vegetable juice, aloe vera juice and amla in small quantities regularly to improve gut health.

8) Include fertility superfoods like quinoa, maca, wheatgrass, etc.

9) Do exercise every day even if you are lean.

10) Manage your stress and learn ways to be stress-free.

11) Avoid Xenohormones- they are environmental toxins that can cause hormonal imbalance, they are present in plastic, cleaning products, non-organic foods, personal cosmetics and body products.

12) Include herbs like turmeric, cinnamon, paprika and cayenne.

13 )  Consume only cold-pressed oils ( Kacchi Ghani ) as they are usually chemical-free, unlike refined oils.

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