I have watched your videos where you mention about prakriti. How important is prakriti for weight loss?

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Prakriti is the Ayurvedic term for the Body constitution. Which means that it is the inherent makeup of the body, which includes how the body digests food, how the body responds to the food and the weather conditions and also how the body is structured physically.

As you can see, you are fundamentally your body type and any advice on nutrition has to be basis the way the body shall respond to different foods. For any real improvement to happen, it is critical that the treatment/advise should be basis the natural Constitution/Prakriti .

Let us take an example of the much popular keto diet, which is based on the consumption of high oil and protein. Suppose a Kapha Prakriti follows it, they will feel very lethargic and sluggish, if a Pitta follows a keto diet, they may be comfortable, and a Vata may be alright for a while but later may suffer from constipation.

Let us take another example of milk. For a Vata it may be energising, for a Pitta, it may feel good initially but later they may feel bloated and gassy and for a Kapha, it might make them very lethargic and sluggish.

You can know your Prakriti in Vedique Diet App available on Android and iOS

You can know about the characteristics of all three Prakriti in the following videos.


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