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I’m 19 belong to Pakistan.. I’m dealing with premature grey hair although there’s no grey hair in our genetics like all my brother’s having pure black hair. And I also got rough hair. So, needed some guidance to cure this.

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Greying of hair is caused when cells at the hair base (melanocytes) stop producing the pigment which is responsible for giving our hair its colour. To continue making the colour-producing pigment, the cells need Vitamin B12.

In some cases, premature greying occurs if there’s a deficiency of Vitamin B12. You cannot possibly get healthy skin and shiny hair if you lack nutrition. A diet deficient in vitamins and minerals can lead to early greying.  Premature greying has also been linked to medical conditions such as thyroid disorders and anaemia. Include Antioxidant-rich foods: Fresh fruits and vegetables, amla, green tea, olive oil, fish, flaxseeds etc.

For Vitamin B12- include seafood, eggs, and meats are good sources of vitamin B-12, and milk, salmon, and cheese are excellent sources of vitamin D. Massage your hair with coconut/ olive oil with curry leaves added to it. Reduce tea/coffee/smoking and alcohol. Practise pranayama daily.

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