Regarding hair growth

  • Hi I have a severe hair fall. Actually I did my thyroid levels checks, my vitamin tests, iron deficiency….but everything was normal.
  • Till before last 2 months I was using the birth control pills since 1 year but now I stopped since 2 months
  • Can u please suggest me the good nutrition food which I have to take for my hair growth and for my body to get the adequate nutrition.
  • A life pattern in brief how to leave a healthy and happy life.
  • I am 26 yrs old and wt of 72kgs and height of 5.2
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Hello! Thanks for writing in, looking at the details I think you may be having hormonal imbalances which are very common these days. You may like to bring your weight to 55-62 kilos at the rate of 2 kilos loss per month as extra weight also contributes to hormonal problems.

Try to remove or reduce foods which imbalance hormones like high sugar, high fructose corn syrup found in juices and fried foods especially street foods.

Consuming foods like quinoa (like roti made from quinoa flour, or quinoa khichri, or quinoa poha), ragi, sattu are very good for health.

Detoxifying is excellent for hormone balance and we have a program which can be done at home.

You can follow some specific tips like:

  • Take vegetable juice made of amla (1), beetroot (½), wheatgrass powder (1 tsp), moringa powder (a very powerful antioxidant) (1 tsp), Carrot (2). It can be taken 1 glass early morning every day.
  • Do light massage of Bhringraj Oil twice in a week.
  • Take 2 tsp of Himalayan Berry/Seabuckthorn Juice twice in a day with water. (Highly recommended as it excellent for hair and skin, a unique herb found in Ladakh)
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