Skin glowing drink

I seen ur Video mam on YouTube so i don’t understand like what  exactly the juice u tell which drink in morning,
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The Himalayan berry is a hair and skin rejuvenator as its major component is sea buckthorn which is found in high and cold  altitudes of himalayas.It provides complete nourishment to hair and skin as its rich in bioactive compounds and has a unique combination of omega (3,6,9) fatty acids. Its antioxidant property improves liver health and makes skin glow from within. It also improves the hair texture and promotes healthy hair growth.

There are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners and artificial colors in it so it’s very healthy for one’s body.It has many benefits like it improves the immune system,improves liver health,slows down the aging process ,makes skin glow and improves skin texture and maintains healthy hair.


How to consume: Take 1 sachet in a glass of water(150-200ml) and drink early morning daily.

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