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I wish to know how much dry fruits can one eat in a day or in a week covering almost all of them ..

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Dear Sonal, dried fruits and nuts can be of the following types, almonds, walnuts, pistachio (pista), cashew nuts (kaju), raisins (kishmish), figs (anjeer), dates (khajoor), dried apple, dried prunes, dried and candied mango, dried apricots, hazelnuts, pine nuts etc. Now Regarding the consumption of dried fruits and nuts, there are a couple of things one must bear in mind:

  • A handful is good enough daily. Almonds and walnuts (whole) need pre-soaking in water for best results.
  • Season: Excepting almonds, most of the other dried fruits should be eaten in winters. This is because most of the dried fruits are heating in nature (Garam Taasir) and are best consumed during winters in India. Secondly, it is only during winters that the body is in the optimal state to absorb the nutrients and strengthen itself based on the Ayurvedic principle of seasons.
    • Winter Nuts: Walnuts (soak them in water overnight), Pista, Pine Nuts, Cashew Nuts
    • Summer nuts: Almonds, Hazelnuts

While nuts can be eaten by mostly all body types in winters, however, dried fruits (raisins) prunes, dried apple, dates, etc are concentrated sugar, hence people with obesity and diabetes should eat in moderation.

One can also add seeds to the weekly consumption like sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and chia seeds.

An easy and practical way is to pre-mix the dried fruits and seeds and take a handful of this mix every day.

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