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I need to loose weight.Am currently 66.5 kg with height 160 cm.Have some shoulder neck pain issues so took steroids injection 4 times.Am hypothyroid & menopausal.Age is 49+.Am traveling from 9th aug-16th aug.I can take eggs but no chicken etc .I have moderate lifestyle.I can do walk two times a day.Am working woman.Some free hand exercise but nothing very intense.

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Hello! In order to lose weight one needs two very important things, a personal Diet plan and second most important aspect is someone to monitor your progress.

As you know many diet plans fail because there is no one to monitor and motivate the person to go beyond the few weeks. In our practice, I have seen that weight loss is a long term only if the following things are done
Long term mindset of a health transformation and not a short term quick fix.

Willingness to take one’s health as the first priority and doing the program as an educational course rather than as a transactional service

Blood tests to assess if the liver is fit enough to digest the excess fat, which is lost during the weight loss process
During menopause the weight loss is slow and it is important to look at health + weight loss as a comprehensive solution.

You can start the following herbs and download the Vedique Diet App on  Android and iOS for FREE diets. You need to fill in the questionnaire in the App to get the personal plan


  • Kanchnaar Guggul 1 tab after lunch 1 tab after dinner with warm water
  • Jasmine Infusion 2-3 times a day
  • Capsule Triphala 2 capsules at night with warm water
  • ½ tsp roasted flax seeds once in a day with water
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