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Before my marriage i am diagnosed with pcod and being overweight and after my marriage and delivery i Become much more overweight women.i i want to lose weight naturally at Home.is it possible to lose weight within 6 months


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Yes! It is possible to lose weight. As you have been previously diagnosed with PCOS which makes it harder for your body to use the insulin hormone. Insulin in our body helps to change the sugar and starch which we receive from food into energy. So it leads to a condition called insulin resistance which further leads to boost the production of androgen hormones. Thus, high androgen level leads to weight gain.

So in order to reduce weight, we need to understand the pathophysiology of PCOS and plan our diet accordingly. You can get the diet plan for PCOS as per your Prakriti in the Vedique Diet App on Android and iOS.

Along with diet, one should also focus on doing regular healthy workout regime to get better results.

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