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My daughter is 16 years old and has irregular periods

her reports say she has pcos and her weight is increasing. she also has a lot of hair coming on her face. she feels very low in confidence. can pcos be cured? what can i do for her?

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Polycystic Ovarian disorder is due to the person having a hormonal imbalance, where the insulin is not balanced along with the female hormones. Due to the hormonal balance, facial hair and skin changes happen. This condition can be very well managed via correct nutrition and exercises.

In PCOS, one should consume foods which have natural fibre like chilka dal, brown rice, whole wheat dalia and avoid refined flour, especially bakery foods etc. The use of soya-based products is also recommended.

For more diet plans she can download the Free Vedique diet plan mobile app for Android and iOS. She can also use some Natural herbs which help in hormonal balance and our Ayurvedic Doctors can advise based her blood test reports.

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