Is your liver healthy?

Is your liver healthy?

The liver plays a very crucial role in keeping us healthy. It is like a factory that receives, filters, restores and transports the substances for the body’s use. It is a vital organ for maintaining proper digestive functions.

The liver detoxifies the harmful toxins in 2 ways:

  1. Detoxification occurs by breaking down the toxic substances into a water-soluble product for easy elimination. It should work efficiently as the free radicals in the toxins, can cause damage to liver cells.
  2. When exposed to high fat and carbohydrate food, alcohol, smoking and environmental chemicals like pesticides, preservatives), the liver becomes sluggish and slow and delays its function resulting in a high toxin build-up in the body. It needs constant detoxification and inclusion of antioxidants in the diet to stay healthy.

Signs why you may need a liver health support:

  • A feeling of tiredness, fatigue, and sluggishness
  • Lack of energy
  • White or yellow coloured coated tongue
  • Bad breath
  • Weight gain especially around the stomach region
  • Cravings for sweet food
  • Headaches
  • Indigestion/Poor digestion
  • Feeling of nausea or heaviness after fatty meals
  • Itchy skin/acne or breakouts/rashes
  • Hyperpigmentation of face
  • Lack of concentration

If the liver remains under stress for a longer duration then there is a chance to develop a fatty liver. Fatty liver, an excess collection of fat in the liver. It leads to serious conditions like diabetes, cirrhosis, disturbed lipids, metabolic syndrome and cancer in the long run.

Herbs which boost Liver Health:

  1. Bhumyamalaki: It protects, detoxifies and rejuvenates liver. It has antioxidant properties that helps in reducing the chances of metabolic diseases.
  2. Katuki: It is a famous herb for liver health. Katuki detoxifies it and effective in skin diseases like acne or rashes. It has diuretic and antibacterial properties. It strengthens immunity from viruses, chemical toxins, and other stresses.
  3. Punarnava: As the name suggests ‘Regeneration’. This herb is effective in reducing the damage and regeneration of damaged liver cells. It is helpful against hepatic and urinary infections.

One can get the benefits of these herbs in LKC capsules.

Tips to support Liver health:

  1. Eliminate all refined and processed food from the diet like biscuits, cakes, soft drinks, white bread.
  2. Substitute poor quality fats like trans fats, dalda for good quality fats like ghee, rice bran oil, coconut oil and olive oils.
  3. Decrease the intake of red meats.
  4. Eliminate or reduce alcohol intake.
  5. Minimize caffeine intake.
  6. Eat fresh and seasonal organic fruits and vegetables.
  7. Include turmeric, beetroot, onion, garlic, green leafy vegetables, lemon, legumes and pulses in the diet.
Liver Detox Soup
5 Tips For Liver Health

Comments (4)

  1. Ranjana

    Fatty liver disease non alcoholic.tell remedies

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      Hi! Following remedies are beneficial in nonalcoholic fatty liver:
      1 Amla (Indian gooseberry) is beneficial and can be induced in raw or capsule or churan form daily in the diet.
      2. Apple cider vinegar is good to reduce fatty liver and body and lemon intake is also equally good.
      3. Omega 3 fatty acids such as flaxseeds and leafy vegetables.
      4. Green tea is good twice or thrice a day.
      5. Vitamin E regular intake is required.

  2. khushi

    any side effects of green tea mam or not

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      Green tea does not have many side effects but it can cause a stomach upset and constipation in some people. It can be unsafe in some people if they consume 7-8 cups of it every day.

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