Journey with Nutrihealth has been Fantastic

A journey with Nutrihealth has been fantastic. Since a long time I have been trying to reduce weight but could not. With Nutrihealth I have been able to reduce 9 Kgs in 3 months.

I would like to especially thank my Nutrinist- Ashima Singh for helping me out in diet management. Time to time She very well customized the diet plan given to me so that I can strict with the schedule.


– Amit Saraswat

Transformation Story

It Is About Eating Right, On Right Time!
Have learned – How a good and healthy diet works

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  1. rajmani

    I am wanting to reduce my weight.

  2. Teena

    Charges plz and how can i reduce weight

  3. Riyanita das

    Weight lose in 1 month

  4. Amrita

    About reducing weight

  5. Dr swets shah

    My wait 82 i am loosing 55kg

  6. Rohini bunge

    Weight loss

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