Juice Detox Vs Clean Detox, Which Is Better?

Juice Detox Vs Clean Detox, Which Is Better?

The desire for a healthy body leads to several experiments like dieting, exercising, taking weight reduction supplements, medicines etc. Combined with these practices DETOX has engrossed a unique position in the era. Detox is made with two words de and tox which literally mean eliminating toxins.

As the name suggests, it is flushing away all the toxins present in the body due to inflammation, unhealthy eating habits, environmental pollution etc. It is defined as the time when you stop consuming toxic substances like drugs, caffeine, alcohol etc. or purify your body by eating healthy foods.

It is essential for the body to get detoxified for better health results and to keep diseases at bay. For this purpose, people undergo different types of detoxes of which commonest being juice detox and clean detox.


As the title advocates juice detox is a detox with juices. It is a liquid based diet and follows a complete restriction of solid foods. This detox is followed blindly without knowing its effects. One fair example is the orange juice diet. This diet is followed for around 3-7 days and is devoid of proteins and grains. It has more of cons than pros, the only probable benefit you can derive through this diet is a short-lived loss of water weight. Some serious cons have been mentioned below:

  • Short-Lived

    Since it is only a liquid diet, it cannot be followed for a longer duration and cannot meet up the nutritional needs of the body. Besides this, it may lead to nutritional deficiencies which can be fatal for the health of an individual. It does not satisfy the hunger and leave the person to starve.

  • Boomerang

    Yes, BOOMERANG! That is REBOUNCE. That is you gain back the weight that you lost as soon as you discontinue the liquid diet. Researchers call it “yo-yo pattern” that is regaining weight after losing from a very low-calorie diet.

  • It’s A Fad

    This diet which does not have many positive impacts on the health rather ends up in fatigue, dizziness, electrolyte imbalance, hair loss, constipation and other digestive ailments.


The clean detox emphasizes on eliminating foods that are difficult to digest, interfere with gut health and lowers energy level.

Highlighting on nourishment, easily digestible foods allows one’s body to maintain a natural balance. This diet excludes foods like gluten, caffeine, sugar, dairy products, non-veg, alcohol & drugs and processed foods. These foods can cause inflammation in the gut and make it difficult for the body to detoxify itself. CLEAN detox does not initiate the restriction to solid foods. Some of the health benefits of this diet are listed as follow:

  • Long Lasting

    This diet can be followed with much ease and does not eliminate solid foods from the diet. It includes gluten-free cereals like ragi, buckwheat, jowar, quinoa, amaranth, tapioca etc. which are high in fibre and satisfy hunger. Besides this, raw fruits & vegetables, nut milk like almond milk, coconut milk are allowed. It does not make any avoidance of pulses, decaffeinated drinks.

  • Improves Health

    Since you are eliminating all the inflammation causing foods such as wheat, sugar, dairy, alcohol and caffeine from the diet it can significantly improve your health in terms of joint pains, energy levels and digestive issues such as acidity, indigestion and gastritis. Also by the end of the detox, you might be able to identify if any of the foods is the culprit for your medical concerns or low energy levels.

  • Nutritious

    This diet does not lead to nutritional deficiencies since it does not let the body starve. Also, it does not require any additional nutrition supplementation because natural food is sufficient to provide nourishment to the body. The body gets all the proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids from the wholesome and clean diet.

The clean detox is better accepted and practised to stay fit and healthy than a juice detox. However, it should not be practised by pregnant and lactating mothers, children, and people with severe medical illness. It should be followed under the guidance of a qualified nutrition expert. (You can know more about the CLEAN here)

So don’t rush and flush, relish food and cherish health!

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