Know the benefits of having a healthy gut: Beyond healthy digestion & weight loss

“You are what you eat, but even when you eat healthily, you need to fix your gut first to get a healthy body”.

Listen to Dr. Junger explaining the benefits of maintaining a healthy gut. Just like you would take care of a dying plant by ensuring that the root is healthy and soil has fertilizers and nutrient, an ailing body requires the gut (intestines) to be cleansed from time to time so that the nutrients that we eat for our wellbeing can be assimilated by our intestines and used to improve our overall wellness.

Dr. Junger further explains the role of intestinal flora (gut bacteria) in building immunity.

When we talk about a subconscious decision, we call it a ‘gut call’. Little did we know that the intestines also house (in and around it) the nervous system as big as the brain? Not just that, 90% of the serotonin, the happiness hormone is created in your intestines, and so a healthy gut is important to ensure you have a healthy mood.

Moreover, recent research shows that a leaky gut (when the intestinal lining is not intact) can lead to a leaky brain which is the main reason behind diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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