Know The Right Foods To Keep Your Gut Healthy

Gut health’ includes the balance of army of bacteria and the functions of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. The microbes in the gut help in identifying the way by which our body stores fat and how it balances the level of sugar in the blood.

Whenever we feel low or stressed our gut identifies it immediately. During the normal digestion a large number of bacteria work together for better digestion of the food; however, when the bacteria imbalances, it affects our behavior also.

Best Foods For The Gut Health

Food choices are very important because the wrong food consumption results in many health problems such as heartburn, constipation and bloating. The ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria in our body is 85:15 and when an imbalance of these occurs in the body then the health problem arises.


Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in certain foods. It helps in keeping our gut healthy. We need probiotic every day because they remain in the body for a shorter period of time then flushed out from the body.

Classification Of Probiotics:

  • Lactobacillus is found in fermented food products such as yogurt.
  • Bifidobacterium is the rarest founded bacterium found in dairy products.


Prebiotics are types of fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.


Yogurt contains a lot of bacterial cultures, enhances the body’s immune system. Good choice for people with lactose intolerance.


Garlic is a source of prebiotic, high in inulin, include the functional fiber that provides the food to the good bacteria.


Stewed apples contain fibre known as pectin which also has gut-healing properties.


Rich source of potassium and magnesium helps in preventing bloating. It is easily available probiotic.


Flax seeds, rich in antioxidants known as lignans and soluble fibre which improves digestion.


Radish contains an active compound that helps in the detoxification process and detoxes our liver and stomach properly.


They are rich in prebiotic, rich in inulin and eases bowel movement and bloating issues.


Buttermilk contains lactic acid that helps in digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

Worst Food For The Gut Health


Some people are sensitive towards the milk, they feel heavy after milk consumption. Better to include fermented dairy products.

Processed Food

They have a very bad effect on our health as it contains a lot of additives, preservatives that disturb the gut microbiota.

Artificial Sweetener

The regular consumption of artificial sweeteners enhances the good bacteria to pull energy from the food and turning it into fat. It also upsets our digestive system.

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