Lactose or Gluten Intolerant? Learn conscious eating with local & seasonal food

In the 5th video of Vedique Wellness with Dr. Shikha Sharma & Dr. Alejandro Junger, we explore the effect of industrial production of dairy, fruits, and vegetables on our health and wellness.

With the globalization of the food industry, there is an emergence in food intolerance as well. Mixed breeding of cattle, along with antibiotics and hormones injected to accelerate production kills the goodness of milk. The same goes for Fruits and Vegetables. To accommodate transport across countries, fruits and vegetables are plucked early before they can get maximum nutrition.

We also need to exercise caution when we consume wheat, with the way wheat is produced nowadays using Genetically modified Organisms (GMO crops) and pesticides.

The best way to identify Lactose or Gluten intolerance is to avoid the food item for a minimum of two weeks and introduce it back in your diet to see how it affects you.

In Dr Junger’s opinion, the best way to counter these issues is to eat local and seasonal and to practice the art of Conscious eating and healthy conscious living.

Watch the video to learn more about conscious eating and living.

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  1. Prit Shetty

    I am now 88, I was 68 3 years back. I am 38 age and have daughter 11 yrs. I had accident in 2016 after increased wt. I am now absullutely fine still increased wt. Now no medicine. Pls tell me wat to eat. I do yoga excersise everyday in morning and evening for 2 hours.

  2. Mohammed Farooq Alvi

    Having IBS since oct 2017 However wheat intolerance test is normal Am not taking milk except curd Pl advise foods intake and treatment

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      See IBS are of many types and it depends on person to person of what suits them and what not. We need to know what kind of IBS you have for better consultation. You can also speak to our Doctors regarding the same so that we can prescribe you the best foods for your health

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