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Latest Developments on COVID-19 Vaccine

We all are in the midst of the pandemic CoVID-19. In all this chaos, it is very important for everybody to keep track of the rising pandemic (area, region, state, and country-wise), advice given on critical interventions by Government and Health Organisations, availability of necessary medical equipment and hospitals facilities. But among these essential things, the thing of utmost importance and curiosity instilled in everyone’s mind is when will it’s vaccine come!
It is the Vaccines only that has been saving millions of lives across the planet from dreadful diseases. It takes years to formulate and invent a vaccine for a specific disease. Vaccines work by preparing our body (immune system) against the particular virus/bacteria they are focusing on. So when the body is exposed to that particular germ (virus/bacteria) the body is prepared to destroy them on an immediate basis.
There are many trials of vaccines going on since the outbreak happened i.e. March 2020.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that currently there are 100 COVID-19 vaccine candidates which are under development trial, and amongst them, most of them are under Human trials. It also states that the Organisation is working under scientists, businesses, and many health organizations working globally. When a final safe and effective vaccine is found then COVAX which is led by WHO, GAVI and CEPI will facilitate its distribution in all countries wherever required, prioritizing people who are at extreme risk.
Recently, as reported on October 26th’ 2020, Astra Zeneca’s Covid‘ 19 Vaccine has shown robust and positive responses in elderly people. British-Swedish National pharmaceutical Astra Zeneca’s Covid‘ 19 vaccine is the talk of the town as reported by Financial Times Report. The company is producing this particular vaccine in collaboration with Oxford University. The vaccine which they are manufacturing has produced effective and protective antibodies and T cells (which play a major role in our immune system and protects us from germs).
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Medicago, which is a Canada based company, partly funded by Philip Morris (a cigarette maker) uses a different species of tobacco to make vaccines. In July 2020, this company launched Phase 1 trials in combination with GSK and Dynavax. Now on 23rd October 2020, Medicago announced that it has reached an agreement with the Canadian Government to supply 76 million doses. This vaccine works by delivering Virus genes into leaves then the plant cells create protein shells that mimic viruses.
The Indian Company Bharat Biotech in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and National Institute of Virology, designed Covaxin which is a vaccine based on inactivated forms of the virus. Phase 1 trials of this vaccine showed good results and protection against the infection. Clinical trials are being done in July 2020, but the CEO of Bharat Biotech company informed that the vaccine would be available in early 2021.
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