Autumn is gearing us up for winters. There is a pleasant nip in the air and our warm cardigans are out. This means more layering up of clothes and an easy trick to hide the tummy bulge.

The beauty of this season is that we dress up to look chic but relax ourselves to fitness. Well, Nutri Health Systems is making sure that you begin this season the right way. We don’t want you to procrastinate stepping on to your scales until the New Year’s Eve resolutions. We intend to make you conscious from this month itself so that you have fewer pounds to shed in summers.

These are some interesting suggestions from experts at Nutri Health Systems who believe, keeping your weight in check should be a daily affair. Winter season tend to impact your metabolism making it sluggish. This could be due to body’s natural state to move in to prepare for hibernation. Experts believe that you can beat the slowing down metabolic rate with these conscious steps:

  1. Keep a weighing scale in your bathroom. This will remind you to check your weight regularly. The Body Fat Analyzer from our clinic is excellent as the blue tooth enabled weighing scale allows your dietitian to learn your weight status, every time you stand on it.

  2. Exercise revs up the metabolism and five minutes stretch is a good tummy toner. You could also do sit ups, pushups, squats or planks to strengthen the core muscle. Make it a routine to do a five-min stretch pre shower daily.

  3. The diet CANNOT be lax just because it is winters. All -you- can- eat calories will definitely show on your body. Follow your diet expert’s suggestions. Diets change with season. More soups, porridges and gruels will look good on your belly this season.

  4. Metabolism slows down with season and the best way to boost it up is with good nutrition supplements. Green tea, green bean coffee, fish oil, cinnamon are natural metabolism boosters; ask your nutritionist for the best supplement that works for you.

  5. Sweat it up. Low salt diet, massage and sauna should help you prevent water retention, bloating and sweat more.

What you eat is what you weigh. Nutri Health Systems believes that if the diet is wrong, everything else fails. So while you look savvy in your best coat these winters, trim your fat with simple diet tricks. Use healthy permutations combination plans from our team. The protein in diet may have to be increased and carbohydrates lowered. You are utilizing lesser energy due to sluggish metabolism in winters. So reducing instant energy sources and replacing with low fat protein source helps and keeps you warm. Try meals of egg white scrambles and stir fry veggies or a low fat paneer salad platter. Nutritionists remind that protein is higher in calories but take longer to digest and have lower glycemic index. So always eat veggies and salads with proteins to boost your metabolism. Drinking warm water all day with fresh tulsi leaves or a punch of cinnamon or even ajwain seeds is great to keep you warm and feel lighter in winters. You don’t always have to munch to keep warm says our senior experts, keep sipping instead.

Smoothies with fruit or veggies and dairy are excellent morning meal replacers in winters. The dry cold winds can also leave you dehydrated. One drinks lesser fluids too in winters; there is a need for rehydration even in winters. Antioxidant punches like beetroot shots, wheatgrass amla tonic, apple walnut shakes, carrot soy smoothie, vanilla almond milk are wonderful metabolism boosters. They provide necessary nutrients and dairy from yogurt or milk or soy milk provides calcium which is an excellent a weight managing mineral. At Nutri Health Systems Ayurveda body constitution analysis is also performed by the experts. This allows the team to understand any imbalances in your body during the season. For instances, many are prone to Kapha imbalance causing weight gain, phlegm, mucous, warer retention issues especially in winters. The diet is planned according keeping the constitution (dosha) in mind. For instance, a wheat free diet is very helpful in reducing symptoms and weight gain due to Kapha imbalance in winters.

A diet that is appropriate for you and an exercise regime that works with you is the message you take home, to look fab and cut the flab.

Happy Winters!

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