Mango-Samai Cashew Rose Royal Phirni

Mango-Samai Cashew Rose Royal Phirni is a gluten-free recipe which provides good protein and energy especially for people who are fasting. This recipe is best suited for people with Pitta Prakriti. (To know your Prakriti, download Vedique Diet App)

Cooking Time: 60 Minutes

Serving Size: 1

Calories (Per Serving): 290 kCal


  • Samai rice, 30 gm
  • Mango, 50 gm
  • Cow Milk, 175 ml
  • Cashew nuts 10 gm
  • Cane sugar, 10 gm


  1. Peel a medium mango and cut it into small pieces. Put the mango pieces in a blender and prepare a thick mango puree.
  2. Take 50 grams samai rice and soak in water for 20 mins. Boil the samai rice for 20 mins and cool.
  3. Blend the samai rice into a fine rice paste and cook in a saucepan containing 1 cup (175 ml) cow milk for 15 mins.
  4. Add the mango puree. Take 2-3 rose petals and 3-4 saffron fibres and mix with the phirni gently to release the flavours. Sprinkle 2 tsp chopped cashew nuts.
  5. Keep the phirni in the fridge to chill. Serve cold.
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