My Weight Loss Journey: 3 Small Changes That Worked

I transitioned to a healthier weight, and now, I am sharing my journey with you. Being overweight and having PCOS, but wanting to treat it naturally, is too much to ask for, I guess.

I wanted to lose weight and balance it with my diet. So, when I searched for help online, I discovered the Vedique Diet Program by Dr. Shikha Sharma. After I approached her team, they helped explain how the programme works, and I was able to use it as my one-stop solution.

The Vedique Diet team ran a few blood tests, spoke to me about the body Prakriti(Vata – movement, Pitta – digestion, Kapha – strength and growth), and then customized my diet accordingly. Aside from that, I was provided with the Vedique Diet App, which lets me know what my dietary requirements are daily.

Under the Weight Loss and PCOS management programme, my doctor instructed me to forget the deprivation diet and marathon workouts. Instead, I was encouraged to take small steps rather than take giant leaps to get lasting results. I would love to share a few small steps of my Vedique diet programme with you and hope this will help you too.

3 Small Changes I Did to Lose Weight

 Tracking meals – 

My diet plan has delicious meals with specific times to eat in a day. Every meal was planned with a proper balance of healthy carbs, fats, and proteins. Along with this, it even helps in tracking my calorie and water intake and has scrumptious cheat meals too. That said, my eating plan was designed to help me lose weight, makes me feel full for longer, and managed my PCOS well.

A full day of movement – 

To burn an extra 270 calories a day, which can translate to a fair amount of weight loss in a year, I was advised to move my body as much as possible during the day other than a regular exercise routine. Following this route, I used to walk a few meters more than I normally would, take a two-minute break during my favorite Netflix series, and complete my daily tasks to keep myself active.

Keep packaged and processed foods to a minimum-

During my Vedique Diet programme, the essential part I picked was to prepare fresh meals at home. As packaged foods tend to be high in sodium, fat, and sugar, so I wanted to try to limit them as much as possible in the diet. Every meal on the Vedique Diet was nutritious, healthy, and delicious.

These were a few small, healthy lifestyle adjustments like increasing my daily walking time by five minutes and tracking the meals I made to help me manage PCOS and lose weight with the best weight-loss advice from medical professionals.

During Dr. Shikha Sharma’s Vedique Diet Programme for Weight Loss and PCOS Management, I made these small alterations, which improved my quality of life.

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