Myths about fats: Are those low-fat foods really helping you?

Are those low fat-foods really helping you? Listen to Dr Junger and Dr Shikha debunk the myths about fats and explain the need to maintain a healthy balance of carbs and healthy fats in our diets.

We should not subscribe to any senseless war on fat or carbs. As a matter of fact, healthy fats are very important and essential for our body, as they are the precursors for hormones and they constitute 90% of the brain.

That said, we need to exercise caution in choosing the right kind of fat.

Fats that are saturated or highly processed are bad fats. Good fats are the ones that are derived from vegetables like olive oil, coconut oil, etc and naturally found fats in nuts and seeds.

While fats found in animals are healthy, one has to be wise in identifying animal products from healthy sources. In large-scale farms, there is a toxic use of hormones and antibiotics and even coloring agents which make animal products unhealthy to consume.

Fats are important in kids’ nutrition since the majority of the brain development happens during childhood and adolescence and healthy fats have a major role in it. Dr Junger recommends that kids should consume healthy and good fat as fat, like carbohydrates and proteins are the building block for a good healthy life.

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