PCOS and Weight Management Webinar – Dr Shikha Sharma & Team

In today‘s webinar, Dr. Shikha Sharma & her team are answering questions on weight management and PCOS management:

  • How does PCOS affect fertility?
  • Are there other issues related to PCOS?
  • What not to eat with polycystic ovaries?
  • How do you prevent polycystic ovary syndrome?
  • Is surgery the only option for treating PCOS?
  • Is PCOD/PCOS a life-long problem?
  • How to lose weight with PCOD?
  • Herbs which we can take to manage PCOS
  • I have PCOD, what should I take to improve my skin and hair quality?
  • Does body type have an impact on managing PCOS and losing weight?

Manage your PCOS symptoms and Weight loss with PCOS Management Kit.

PCOS Management Kit

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