Polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS is a disorder that causes hormonal imbalances, irregular periods, and tiny cysts to develop on one or both ovaries or all of them. For women experiencing PCOS, losing weight can be challenging due to hormonal abnormalities, insulin resistance, and inflammation. But you can always take the help of a doctor or nutritionist who can provide you with a PCOS DIET TO LOSE WEIGHT.

According to many experts, genetic predisposition and environmental factors, such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle, can contribute to symptoms of PCOS.

PCOS Symptoms


  • Heavy bleeding, Irregular periods, Amenorrhea (no periods), Oligomenorrhea (longer than 35 days between periods almost every time), or any other issue with periods
  • Excess hair growth on the face (side locks & chin especially) and chest
  • High insulin levels in the blood
  • Acne, hair fall, oily skin
  • Obesity, problems in losing weight, elevated thyroid levels
  • Anxiety and depression

Weight gain might be easier for women with PCOS. Insulin resistance is often considered a major cause of obesity. If you have PCOS, it is possible to restore normal periods by losing just 10% of your body weight.


PCOS is primarily treated by weight loss, diet modification, and lifestyle changes. The highly nutritive Ayurvedic diet is the best solution to manage and minimize the impact of PCOS :


  • High fiber diet- includes fruits (berries, orange, kiwi, papaya), leafy vegetables, and many such things,
  • Herbs – Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Ashoka
  • Healthy fats (coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil)
  • Legumes (peas and beans), whole grains, protein- soya, spirulina
  • Spearmint tea instead of regular sweet tea
  • Cut down consumption of high-fat dairy products- milk, yogurt
  • Eat flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, pistachios,
  • Avoid red meat, oily (fried food), maida, and processed food
  • Try to minimize stress (emotional, physical & mental)
  • Try to do yoga, exercise, brisk walk, sports, outdoor games, or any other physical activity


With a proper weight loss diet plan and exercise, you can lose 5% to 10% of your body weight. Menstrual cycles, fertility, insulin resistance, thyroid function, acne vulgaris, and hormone levels can all improve with weight loss in women with PCOS.

If left untreated, PCOS can cause major problems in the body like abnormal weight gain, skin problems (acne, dark patches around the neck), heart diseases, diabetes, infertility, high blood pressure, cancer, and various diseases. In addition to the child-bearing years, this is a lifelong health condition.

A well-balanced Ayurvedic diet can help you overcome PCOS. The Vedique Diet Programme by Dr. Shikha Sharma provides a PCOS WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN to help manage PCOS, decrease weight gain, and optimize the body and lifestyle of people with PCOS.

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