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    Cholesterol occurs due to negligence of diet, hormonal imbalance and lack of physical activity. This disorder is increasing among young men and women who have erratic lipid levels including high levels of LDL cholesterol (also called bad cholesterol) and low levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

    Cholesterol Management Kit Includes:

    30 Days Cholesterol Management Diet Plan & Nutrition Advisory along with the herbal products curated by the experienced Ayurvedic doctors and qualified nutritionists.

    1. Amalaki – 60 Capsules Bottle
    2. Jasmine Flower Whole
    3. Tulsi Original 25 Tea Bags
    4. Triphala – 60 Capsules Bottle
    5. Lipidcare – 60 Capsules Bottle
    6. 1 Consultation every week with Nutritionist
    7. 1 Consultation with Ayurvedic Doctor

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    Cholesterol Control Kit is a perfect combination of :-

    Lipid care: 2pc (60 capsules each)
    LKC: 2pc (60 capsules each)
    Triphala: 1pc (60 capsules)
    Apple Cider Vinegar: 1pc (500ml)

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    ORGANIC INDIA LKC is an effective treatment for both the liver and the kidneys as disorders of one affect the other. LKC helps treat all types of hepatitis, jaundice & anemia & regular fat metabolism.

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    ORGANIC INDIA Lipidcare capsules help to maintain healthy cardio-vascular functions & normal cholesterol levels. It is an active immunomodulator & rich in antioxidants.

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    Cinnamon Ayurvedic capsule is useful in bloating (feels a full and tight abdomen), gas, indigestion, poor appetite, griping pain, joint pain, poor immunity and for blood purification.

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    A Rich source of the mineral antioxidant manganese, the polyphenols in flaxseed provide measurable antioxidant benefits, high omega 3 fatty acids, a good amount of certain B vitamins (B1 & B6 especially), magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, Iron, potassium, copper and zinc.

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    Adding Psyllium (Isabgol) to your diet promotes healthy elimination & regularity. The soluble fiber from Psyllium, along with a healthy diet, may reduce the risk of health disease.

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