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Products Based Solutions to Manage Diabetes & Cholesterol

Join Dr. Mariya (Ayurveda and Nutrition Expert @ Dr. Shikha Sharma’s NutriHealth) for the Live Webinar session on the topic: “Products Based Solutions to Manage Diabetes & Cholesterol”. She will be answering the following queries, received on social sites and website:

  1. What is considered as pre-diabetic range and diabetic range?
  2. Natural products a diabetic patient can take to manage it naturally?
  3. Have you observed that diet has a major role in controlling diabetes?
  4. Why are young people are having these erratic cholesterols levels?
  5. Tips to lower LDL Levels & Increase HDL Levels naturally
  6. Herbs suggestions which can help in managing cholesterol levels.

Purchase Pre diabetic Management kit:

Curated by the Ayurveda and nutrition experts. It includes organic herbs which will help you to control your diabetes level naturally.

Purchase Diabetes Control Kit:

Diabetic Control Kit is a perfect combination of Ayurvedic Herbs (Sugar Balance Capsules, Neem Capsules, LKC Capsules, Vitality Capsules, Cinnamon Capsules).

Cholesterol Management Kit: 

30 Days Cholesterol Management Diet Plan & Nutrition Advisory along with the herbal products curated by the experienced Ayurvedic doctors and qualified nutritionists.

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