Protein & Probiotics To Lose Weight

Sweet November is subsiding and the bone chilling winters are upon us. Warm coffee, hot chocolate, yummy cookies and puddings are definitely tempting on a cozy evening. But, if you are trying to watch your weight, refresh your diet. Nutri Health Systems has a fat reducing plan for you. This winter include more protein and probiotics in your meals.

Both proteins and probiotics slow down digestion of carbohydrates, preventing hormone insulin spikes that can lead to belly fat deposition, according to nutrition science experts.

Eating a boiled egg with a slice of multi grain bread is better than eating a potato sandwich for breakfast.

Protein slows down the release of glucose into the bloodstream that reduces the fat deposition as well. Protein may also stimulate the release of some gut hormones that may slow the gastric empty rate which is the speed at which food leaves the stomach for digestion in the intestines. Thereby, reducing the quantity eaten at next meal. Eating soya or tofu with chappati or paneer with bread or mushroom omlettes with a toast and even a boiled potato with chicken soup may actually be a good meal to reduce weight this winter. But it is advised to check with your personal dietitian at NutriHealth System on combinations that work for you. With the introduction of Smart Body Fat Analyser Scales, the dietitian can now have a daily detailed data on your weight metrics. All you have to do is stand on your smart BFA Scale at home and switch on the Bluetooth of your smart phone while holding it on the scale with you.

Plans can now be more customised as your expert will understand protein carbohydrate combinations that help you lose weight.

Furthermore, nutritionists claim that include probiotics foods like yogurt, buttermilk in diet even in winters. As probiotic bacteria appear to produce compounds that may make it easier for cells to use the hormone insulin to convert blood sugar into energy. This way you will not store fat if you are exercising moderately or are sufficiently active even with household chores.

Reducing weight is easy. Just plan well. And understand the influence of seasons on your weight.


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