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Real Transformation Story of Abhaya Gupta with Dr. Shikha’s NutriHealth

We are a husband/wife couple enrolled for maybe the second time with Dr.Shikha Sharma Nutri Health and having also experienced Anjali Mukherjee’s weight loss plan.

Our nutritionist is Karishma Pandey. If there is one professional who is committed, passionate, totally clued in – then it is Karishma.

– has got us covered
– time to time links us with the doctor/herb specialists
– helps us get the medicine, infusion teas on time from organic India
– seeks referral, encourages us to share Dr. Shikha’s weight loss plan with others.
– plays around with the diet plan, food plan and keeps us on the toes to help us be motivated for weight loss.

Karishma has added a new meaning to our resolve of losing weight – focus, direction. We are enjoying our new stint with Dr. Shikha’s Nutri Health dur to her.

Start Your PERSONALIZED DIET PLAN from today.

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