Remember that Change Takes Time

All of us have set goals for ourselves at some point in our life. Be it health, wealth, job, relationships or lifestyle. But we all know how hard times we face while achieving those goals. 

In this Blog, we will discuss the Goal of Health & Fitness which can include working out, following a healthy diet and changes we want to put in our lifestyle.  

Reasons why people give up on their Set Goals:-

Reason 1- People want the outcome more than what efforts they are putting in 

Many times we see that people who are focusing on weight loss desire a miraculous result in just a couple of days of following a diet regime. Similar expectations arise when they start working out. No results seen, they simply give up. 

Reason 2- They care too much about what other people might think of them especially in social events

Wanting to please people and not being able to say no to them during family gatherings, office parties or social events, is a common trend especially in India. The goal which they had set for themselves is forgotten and is smartly postponed to ‘tomorrow’. Failure is assumed when the other people/ event is given priority. 

Reason 3- Lacking necessary Discipline 

This is very simple yet it is the root cause of the problem for most people. They simply give up on their “Most important Goal” because they lack discipline for the goal to reach its desired end stage. 

Reason 4- Not having Patience to see the changes 

People expect their bodies to behave like technology, one click and results found. They fail to realise that any lifestyle change, diet or exercise regime will take its time to show results. It is like you didn’t gain 10 kgs of weight in a week! It took months or maybe years for you to come to this present level. 

After understanding the primary reasons for giving up on your goals, it is clear that Change is a slow process. It is the lack of discipline & patience that we hurry up for the result that we lose up the entire process and end up where we started. 

It is better to be slow and progress each day than do nothing!

Once we understand the meaning of this line only then we can follow the below tips to hold onto our Goals:-

Tip 1: Start Small

Always break your one major goal into a few small parts and attempt only one small part at one time. This will help you to come onto the track easily and sustain. 

Tip 2: Make a Plan that is doable for you 

The plan that you will set for yourself is a Guide to your journey of change. This should be like an adventure to you. Make sure you write down everything and see for yourself whether it is doable for you or not. If not then split the plan into smaller steps again. 

Tip 3: Do not Time-Bound your goal especially which are Health Oriented

Health goals need time that varies from person to person. A person might take 2-3 months to reach a health goal while you may take 6 months for the same. Give yourself plenty of time once you decide what you want.

Tip 4: Always remember that Improvement is a process not an event 

When you want to change your lifestyle the brain might resist as it is wired to your past. It is not as easy as changing clothes. Your body & mind will take time to cooperate. But improvement should be looked at something that sustains for lifetime and not a small event that withers away with time.

Tip 5: Strive for Improvement and not Perfection

Perfection means the end of improvisation, where one feels that they have achieved what they desired. This feeling sometimes takes away the pleasure of putting in efforts to do things differently each day and improvising. 

Tip 6 :  Honor yourself and Honor Your Body 

When we Honor ourselves we accept the fact that improvement is a journey and hence display love and patience towards ourselves also. We strive to become the best version of ourselves!

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