Sattvic Eating in Navratri is Healthy for Your Body

According to Ayurveda, sattva is the pure quality of spiritual goodness and equanimity, manifested as intelligence, awareness, virtue, and joy. The Sattvic diet mainly comprises of simple, pure and light meal that helps you to achieve the purity required for your body and mind. This diet promotes purity of both body and mind by cultivating a calm, clear and compassionate mind.

Sattvic Foods

A sattvic diet generally consists of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, dairy products such as milk and ghee, beans and lentils, plant-based oils, mildly sweet foods, natural and unrefined sugars, honey, molasses, spices such as cinnamon, basil, coriander, ginger, and turmeric.

Main features of Sattvic diet

  • The diet has to be preferably vegetarian.
  • It should be easily digestible.
  • Make sure the food is not chemically treated at all. It should comprise of low fat as well as protein content.
  • It should have very fewer spices and flavouring. It is better to opt for organic food as that will be completely pure. 

Benefits of the Sattvic diet

There are many benefits to this diet, as they are light and soothing in nature. It nourishes, promotes and maintains the health of the body and the mind.

Easy to digest

It is light in nature, easy to digest, mildly cooling, refreshing and not disturbing to the mind. It is less of spices and flavouring. It contains food that is low in fat and proteins.

Promotes positivity

Sattvic diet is rich in purity, so promotes positive thoughts, happiness, and satisfaction. It promotes both purity of body and mind by cultivating a calm, clear and compassionate mind.

Provides physical strength

According to Ayurveda, a sattvic diet is the best diet for physical strength, good mind, good health, and longevity. They clean the mind and body leading to optimal physical and mental health.

Eliminates fatigue

The sattvic diet eliminates fatigue and enhances peace and tranquillity. This kind of food is easily digested and can strengthen the stomach, intestine, liver, and pancreas.

Curing diseases

In diseases such as high BP and diabetes adopting a sattvic diet can be the best option for patients. Besides, sattvic food can improve the health of your skin and quality of your hair.

For weight loss

Sattvic diet along with yoga will not only help in losing weight eventually but also helps in being healthy, strong and lively always.

Sattvic foods are soothing, nourishing and promote and maintain a quiet, steady mind as well as help to sharpen your intellect and give you a greater sense of empathy. Sattvic diet includes vegetarian and does not include foods derived from animals that have been harmed in any way. It is important that foods are grown naturally and do not contain preservatives, artificial flavours, or additives.

Sabudana Tikki
Lauki and Kuttu Atta Cheela

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  1. Khanna Srivastava Simi

    Can you please help me out with a sattvic diet plan….life has been too hectic for last six months with irregular meal timings,though not always unhealthy

    • Dr Shikha's NutriHealth

      Hi! We have personalised plans according to your lifestyle, body type and medical condition if any. You can WhatsApp your details to +91 8447839546 and we will get in touch with you to discuss plan details.

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