Shabina Rubaba – Lost 16 kgs of Weight and controlled Diabetes with The Vedique Diet

Shabina Rubaba put on weight and developed diabetes as a result of her poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and high levels of workplace stress. She tried a few nutritionists and doctors when she recognized she needed to manage her weight and diabetes, but they were of no help and their recommendations were not in line with her food and dietary preferences. 

She had problems like weight gain and increased thirst. She came to know about the Vedique Diet programme by Dr. Shikha Sharma after doing thorough research on health and fitness. Shabina was pleasantly amazed to know that it was a big help.

According to her, Doctor Karishma Pandey, the Vedique Diet Coach, “was extremely nice, patient and helpful throughout the program, she did not restrict my diet but customised it according to my taste preferences and traditions (Ramadhan)”. Shabina Rubab also shared, “I know when, what, and how to eat properly after following the programme. My entire way of living has become better now“. 

She has developed the habits of eating well and putting effort into lifestyle, exercise, and daily routine. She is now more active, feels less pressured, is healthy, and remains happy the whole day. When Shabina Rubab from Siliguri, joined our Vedique Diet Program for Diabetes Control and Weight Management, she weighed 96 kg initially and after joining she lost 16 kgs in just five months and weighed 80kgs. 


The Vedique Diet Plan that helped her control diabetes and lose weight is as follows:

Foods to Avoid 
  • Sugary beverages or drinks (soda, sweet tea, sports drinks)
  • High-fat dairy products (butter) and processed food
  • Red meat, processed meat, bacon, etc.
  • Potato, maida, sabudana
  • Refined flour and oil
  • Sweets, milk, and yoghourt
Best Foods to Eat
  • Vegetables- spinach, lettuce, cucumber, lauki, karela, etc
  • Herbs- Triphala, neem, garlic, fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, etc. are advised to take.
  • Fruits like papaya, kiwi, oranges, berries, etc
  • Quinoa, Besan, Ragi, Millets, Poha, Rava Idli, etc. for breakfast
  •  Salad to be included in lunch and dinner with tomatoes, onion, cucumber, sprouted methi dana,
  • Pulses, whole grains, nuts, and seeds are rich in protein and should be used daily 
  • Drink Warm water and green tea
  • Good fats like avocado, nuts, canola, olive oil, peanut oil, etc
 Lifestyle changes
  • Eat dinner between 7.00-7.30 PM, and do not eat anything after that.
  • Drink Two glasses of warm water after two hours of dinner.
  • Do not sit or rest after meals and walk for 10-15 mins.
  • Strength training thrice a week, with a combination of cardio and aerobics. 
  • Physical activity is to be followed the whole day.


Several risks are involved if you have diabetes and are overweight – heart damage, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, urinary infections, depression, skin damage, etc. Do not delay the required treatment.

Inspired by Shabina Rubab’s journey, you must choose the right path for a healthy disease-free life just like her.

The Vedique Diet Program aims to balance your body Prakriti holistically and focuses on diabetes reversal, sustainable weight loss, and overall health. You should also join this programme to manage your blood sugar levels, prevent further issues, and attain optimum health with Dr. Shikha and her group of qualified, skilled doctors and nutritionists.

It is with the Vedique Diet that you can begin your journey to better health and a healthier lifestyle. Over 46000 patients have benefited from the program. You can also benefit from it. 


To join the Vedique Diet programme you can :

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