Simple Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight Naturally

The simple changes you can make to lose weight naturally and sustainably

Weight loss is an attractive concept but it leaves us with a great deal of mental confusion and uncertainty. We often wonder things like, “Eat this, not that,” “What to consume,” “What time is best to eat a particular food item,” and many other things to lose weight or maintaining it. However, reducing Kilos can help you stay healthy and live a long, disease-free life. If you lose this weight naturally and sustainably, it will help you in the long run.

A Doctor or a nutritionist can help you with all this you need to know. If you’ve already put in the hard hours of work required to lose weight and reached your target weight, do you want to go through it all over again? We simply didn’t believe it. You definitely want to lose weight sustainably.

We at Nutriwel have developed simple ways for weight loss and weight maintenance to make it possible. Choose a few of the following permanent weight loss suggestions, follow them regularly, and look forward to living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Don’t do fad diets

Avoid fad diets and understand your body. Within a few years of dieting, people can regain over half the weight they lost, The reason? They all slimmed down with the help of a diet, which by definition is short-term and doesn’t produce lifelong results. Diets like Keto and Paleo that are only trendy for a short period are never sustainable. To hit your goal weight and stay there, you need to make permanent changes to your lifestyle. Wellness comes from within when you eat a balanced nutritious diet and exercise regularly.

Only eat if you’re hungry—not bored

Eating continuously even when you don’t need the fuel is a key cause of weight gain. Ask yourself why you are eating before you put something in your mouth. Do you really need to eat, or are you just upset, worried, stressed out, or bored? Healthy foods like carrot sticks and apples won’t seem tempting if any of these emotions are present. Decide not to eat anything at all if you are not sufficiently hungry to eat healthy food or snack. Stop taking the stress and do not do stress eating. For munching The Vedique Diet Plan by Dr. Shikha Sharma suggests eating roasted seeds, murmura, peanuts, makhana, and many other delicious items.

 Eat breakfast daily

When you start your day with something healthy and satiating it helps set a healthy tone for the rest of the day. Skipping meals, especially breakfast is one of the most common mistakes people make. A common misconception is that skipping meals will help you lose weight and calories quickly. Breakfast provides nutrition for the day, and a heavy one will keep you going till lunchtime. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself snacking in between, and that’s not a healthy habit. Check out the easy and healthy breakfast recipes in The Vedique Diet Plan by Dr. Shikha Sharma.

Weigh yourself often

Shying away from the scale can cause the weight to go up that you might not even notice. People who weigh themselves daily and track the results are more likely to lose weight and keep it off than those who check in less often. The method forces you to be aware of the connection between your eating and your weight. The scale also acts as a priming mechanism, making you conscious of food and enabling you to make choices that are consistent with your weight.

Strengthen your muscles

While it is possible to lose weight with diet and regular exercise it is necessary to keep the weight off permanently. However, cardio is suggested mostly but strength training is necessary to develop lean muscle mass and strong muscles which will speed up your metabolism and make it simpler to maintain your weight loss.

stay consistent to lose weight and keep it maintain in long run and do not regain the weight. the diet on weekends or weekdays is the same. To keep up with an exercise routine you can walk, keep moving throughout the day, or just be active if you want sustainable long-term goals. For a change in diet, you can try these cheat meal ideas of The Vedique Diet Weight Loss programme by Dr. Shikha Sharma


The Vedique Diet Programme

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The journey to a healthier lifestyle and better health begins with the Vedique Diet. Over 46000 patients have benefited from the program. 

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