Success Story: Neeru Gupta

Success Story of Neeru Gupta

Age: 61 years

City: Hoshiarpur

Country: India

Nutritionist’s Name: Nutritionist Priyanka Saini

Doctor’s Name: Dr Jaishree Bhattacharjee

Blood Group: B+

Medical Problem: Diabetes, Hypertension

Program Duration: 3 Months and now for 1 month

I love this diet plan a lot! Previously I joined this programme last year and I had lost 12 kilos in three months, after which I felt so energetic throughout the day. Now again I have joined this programme and my Dietitian Priyanka Saini and Dr Jaishree are excellent. They guide me from time to time, the diet is all normal with little modification in our existing diet.

After losing weight my friends gave compliments to me and I am so happy to join this programme!

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