Thyroid Management – Dr Shikha Sharma and Her Team

In today‘s webinar, Dr. Shikha Sharma & her team are answering questions on Thyroid Management:

  1. Is there a particular food that causes thyroid? What we should not eat if we have thyroid issues?
  2. Can we take ayurvedic herbs which you have suggested along with the thyroid medications?
  3. Why losing weight becomes difficult if you have thyroid
  4. Any particular body type which has a higher probability of having thyroid?
  5. Herbs for lowering down thyroid levels
  6. How to lose weight if one has thyroid
  7. can a thyroid client has all type of oil and grain

Manage Thyroid Levels by including some Ayurvedic Herbs and Nutritious Diet as per your Body Type with Thyroid Management Kit. 

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