Top 5 Summer Drinks to Keep You Healthy and Hydrated

The summer months are ideal for drinking a lot to avoid dehydration. And if you are looking to keep yourself healthy and hydrated this summer, you should know there are plenty of ways to do it.


As we all know, water alone can hydrate the body. You can also use your favorite drink to benefit your health and wellness with delicious flavors and combinations.


Here are our Top 5 Summer Drinks to help you stay hydrated, cool off, and feel your best. Moreover, our Top 5 Summer Drinks are affordable and suitable for anyone of any age group :

  1. Sattu Sharbat

Sattu is flour made from pulses and cereals, primarily Bengal grams. Mix Sattu flour, cold water, and jaggery to make the drink. The drink is both refreshing and filling. As Sattu drink is high in insoluble fiber, it helps relieve digestion issues like constipation, bloating, and acidity.

  1. Barley Water

To make Barely water, you need barley pearls, water, salt, lemon, and honey. This drink is an elixir for us. Drinking barley water is an ancient solution for health problems. Aside from quenching thirst and hydrating the body, this water is high in fiber, balances gut bacteria, aids in weight loss, and lowers cholesterol.

  1. Sugarcane Juice 

Sugarcane juice comes from pressed sugarcane. This summer drink is rich in vitamin c and antioxidants. It is available easily in the Indian market and helps boost the immune system, detoxify the liver, strengthen bones, improve digestion, and reduce stress.

  1. Buttermilk

This summer drink is a fermented dairy drink. Traditionally, it was the liquid left behind after churning cultured cream into butter.

It is an excellent source of calcium (great for teeth, bones, and blood). Buttermilk also manages blood pressure and provides support to build immunity and the digestive system. You can make it at home, or you can get it anywhere.


  1. Healthy Mocktail

Make this healthy Summer Mocktail by combining equal parts of Watermelon, Mango, and Pineapple, along with Coconut Water and Lemon Juice. The base of coconut water gives this drink a good electrolyte balance which is perfect for hydration in extreme weather. Watermelon, Pineapple, Mango, and lemon provide essential Vitamins & Minerals to our body that we may lose due to heat exposure.

Try these delicious summer drinks, and you can thank us later.

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