Types of Yoga Asanas that helps in Losing weight during Quarantine.

Yoga is a self-realisation journey that unites us to our inner self. It is a rich science that teaches us spiritual discipline also. It focuses on uniting our mind, body, and soul and brings harmony. The word ‘Yoga’ originated from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’. Yoga asanas are a balance of effort and ease. We put an effort to get into the posture and then relax. Yoga asanas help bring this balance in every aspect of our life. They teach us to put an effort and then let go or get detached from the result. Yoga asanas increase flexibility and expand our minds.

Yoga has taken many forms nowadays and is taken up by many people to reduce weight. Yoga is an ancient and one of the most effective ways of losing weight. The best part of practicing yoga for weight loss regularly is that it looks after not only your physical well-being but also uplifts you mentally and spiritually. Weight loss is just a by-product, which happens naturally by practicing yoga regularly. The best part about yoga is that heals us from inside, each and every cell is rejuvenated.

Yoga asanas keep our body and mind fit, along with good weight loss and inch loss. The magical effects of yoga are:

1.    It is quite light and easier on the joints, and also, the probabilities of having injuries are minimal.

2.    You could perform these asanas or postures from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the best yoga asanas for both women and men that one can do at your home for weight loss.

1. Baddha Konasana Yoga Pose (Butterfly Pose Yoga)

This asana works exclusively well for the lower body. It is one of the best yoga for weight loss at home. This yoga asana is best suited to work on your inner thighs. The asana helps to strengthen the spine, knees, and lower back. It tones the muscles at the groins. Women having menstrual discomfort and pain get a lot of help from this particular asana. This improves digestion also.

2. Halasana Yoga Pose (Plow Pose)

The name of this yoga pose is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Hal’ which means plough. The plow pose is one of the finishing poses of yoga asana and must form a part of your yoga to lose weight fast. The asana helps to tone and strengthens the muscles. It stimulates the function of many organs in the body like thyroid glands, lungs, and abdominal organs. Therefore, the blood is circulated evenly throughout the body, regulates hormone levels, and improves digestion. It improves metabolism and helps in weight loss. It is an excellent pose for diabetic patients as it normalizes insulin production and thus blood sugar levels. Also, It reduces stress and fatigue.

3. Bridge Pose or Setu Bandhasana Yoga

If you would like to tone your abs and thighs and strengthen your shoulders, then this is the asana that you should be performing. This asana helps to relax the mind by relieving stress trapped in the back. It improves digestion reduces menstrual discomfort and stretches the spine.

4. Ardha Matsyendrasana Pose (Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose Yoga)

This asana aims to increase the capacity of your lungs so that the lungs can hold more oxygen. It helps to stimulate the digestive system and helps to burn fat in your body.

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