Hypothyroidism Management

Weight And Hypothyroidism Management – Dr. Shikha Sharma & Team

The webinar focuses on hypothyroidism management and weight management. We have tried to answer the following questions in the webinar.

    • How can a thyroid patient lose weight?
    • Can thyroid/diabetes be reversed and managed by diet?
    • How to lose weight without doing a lot of exercise?
    • What is the right way of intermittent fasting?
    • How to lose weight?
    • Weight management in the menopausal stage.
    • Obesity in kids.
    • How would advise change is a client has Thyroid and PCOS?
    • Do gluten and dairy good for PCOD or one should avoid it?


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Weight Management Webinar – Dr Shikha Sharma & Team
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  1. Rajashri velhal

    Hello , muje 5to6 kg weight kam karna he

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