Weight Loss Program by Dr Shikha’s Nutrihealth has customized diet plans for each individual and are designed keeping in mind the concerned person’s age, gender, body constitution (prakriti), medical history, and level of physical activity. It is not a calorie oriented diet program, it focuses on suiting foods of the body and on increasing the metabolism of the individual by working on the root cause reason why it slowed down and factors related to it.

Prakriti analysis is an important fundamental theory of Ayurveda which involves understanding health and diseases known through Tridosha. This concept involves three bio energies Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and how human physiology is affected by it.

The Prakriti analysis of a person provides a fair indication of his or her physiological weaknesses and strengths, general thought process, and susceptibility to various illnesses.

We work as a team and plan diets which are easy to implement and follow on a long-term basis. The aim is to provide patients with weight loss targets and to show them the way to successfully achieve their goals. Nutritionists never recommend any patient to go on a fad diet but try to focus on maintenance of balance, variety, and moderation. It is important to help patients adhere diligently to the planned diets because any slight deviation would impede weight loss results. Primary emphasis is laid on restricting white sugar, refined carbohydrates, fast foods, and on promoting the use wholesome food in diet which has been reported to help in the maintenance of a desirable nutritional status and overall well being.

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