Weight Loss Story: ‘I have regained the confidence in my body. I lost 12 kilos in 3 months.’

I am obese. I weighted 83 kilos at the beginning of the programme, which is 20 kilos over my ideal weight. I am also suffering from BP issues.

I started my weight loss journey with the Vedique Diet only 2 months ago. Before the Vedique Diet, I had tried the keto diet and intermittent fasting, but both of them showed only limited results and I was not satisfied as these diets were very difficult to follow. No matter what I did, my weight was stuck at 80 kilos.

I am very pleased with Dr. Shilpa and the programme. I have already noticed the benefits – not only on my weight but also on my overall health. The best part of the diet I would say is my relationship with my doctor – she treats me like I am part of her family. She has designed my diet in a manner that it is very, very easy to follow. I have not felt once like I have been dieting – because there is no starving in her diets.

Turning point

I started to think about my weight for the first time when my own son started calling me fat as a joke. He kept telling me that I needed to lose weight. That was when I started to lose confidence in my own body – I stopped wearing my favourite clothes because I did not believe that they would look good on me because of my weight. 

But the turning point for me came when my health started to suffer because of my weight issues. I had issues with my BP since I was young. But I never cared about these issues a lot. 

In a routine check-up, my doctor had told me that I was at risk for heart attack because of my weight and sedentary lifestyle. That was the turning point for me. I wanted to find a way to lower my weight and reduce the health risk that was associated with it. 


I was expecting a very difficult diet which limited my food intake – but I was very surprised. I did not have practice fasting at all, and portion control was also limited to only a few ingredients and food types. Dr. Shilpa suggested changes in my diet in an incremental manner so that I find it easy to implement those changes. 

There were some ground rules I had to follow, like eating dinner at 7 pm, adding fresh fruits as snacks in between my meals, consuming at least 1 whole cucumber in each meal etc. to add fiber to my diet.

Below is what my diet plan looked like on one of the days –

Lifestyle changes 

The Vedique Diet team counselled me to make very simple lifestyle changes:

  1. I had to follow a strict sleeping and eating schedule. This improved my body clock and helped me to regulate my hormones.
  2. I was provided a complimentary group Yoga plan which guided me with simple exercises specific to my body. I learnt quickly and now I am able to practice Yoga whenever I get the time.
Advice for others

The only advice I have for other individuals is to take the first step and not wait. There will always be excuses to start working on your health later. I procrastinated for a long time myself but once I started I saw immediate changes. I am so happy that I made this decision. 

The Vedique Diet Programme

Using nutrition therapy and natural herbs, the Vedique Diet Program aims to target the root cause of diabetes, as well as overall health holistically. Using over 21 years of experience, the doctors and nutritionists at Vedique Diet by Dr. Shikha Sharma can help to control blood sugar levels, avoid further complications, and reverse glucose intolerance holistically.

Getting a healthier lifestyle and better health begins with the Vedique Diet. Over 46000 patients have gained benefits from the program. 

To be a part of the Vedique Diet programme:

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