Weight loss tips by Dr Shikha Sharma & Her team

Watch the Live Webinar of Dr. Shikha Sharma and Her Team on the topic Weight Loss tips. In this webinar they will be answering the following queries received on social platforms and website:

  • Why calorie concept is not right?
  • Explaining the logic behind the BMI table. What does it say about your health?
  • Difference between cutting calories and losing weight vs healthy eating to lose weight?
  • Weight loss Tips as per the body Prakriti.
  • Why is it difficult to lose weight after 45+?
  • Why do my weight bounce back after I have lost it from fasting/starving myself?

Personalized Diet Plan can help you lose weight and also will help you to manage your medical issues.  

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  1. Yashika

    I am 14 and my weight is 78 I want to lose my weight

  2. Monika

    Want dietitian

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