Weight Loss Tips: Ideas for your next Cheat Meal

Maintaining a diet is challenging. Everybody craves what they cannot have, regardless of whether they follow a keto, vegan, low-carb, or low-fat diet. Many nutritionists and personal trainers suggest indulging in the occasional cheat meal precisely for this reason. They are trained and know how to prepare scrumptious, healthy cheat meals that won’t destroy your diet.

But the majority of people make the mistake of taking cheat meals as a license to feast themselves on whatever comes their way. It is crucial to carefully plan your cheat meal. Instead of choosing unhealthy substitutes for your favorite junk food, turn your cheat day into a treat day by choosing healthier options that are still delicious and healthy for you.

There is no better example of this than an Ayurvedic diet. You can eat the food your taste buds crave and your body craves.


The 6 best cheat meals-

Whole wheat PIZZA 

A whole wheat-thin crust pizza with a good amount of vegetables, chicken, low-fat cheese, low-fat sauces, and egg toppings to satisfy pizza cravings. The fiber in the vegetables, whole wheat, and the protein in the chicken or egg will keep you fuller longer than just satisfying your appetite for junk food. Your cheat meal can be healthy and enjoyable at the same time by adding nutritious vegetables to the pizza.

Various restaurants also have

Multigrain BURGER

The multigrain buns are best for a cheat meal. Add a black bean patty or a low-fat chicken patty in olive oil, and top with heaps of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cottage cheese, or egg. Your low-calorie, a high-nutrient-value cheat meal is prepared. It also contains protein. Even better, you may top it with the sauce of your pick.

Delicious CHAAT

Chaat is the best cheat meal for snack time. It is rich in protein, fiber, and healthy carbs as well and tastes amazing too. Use the following method to make the favorite chaat: low-fat or skimmed curd or yogurt, imli and jaggery chutney, mint or coriander chutney, ginger garlic paste, a mixed vegetable or sweet potato Tikki, sprouts, finely-chopped onions, boiled chana, and tomatoes sprinkled on top. Add spices of your choice to elevate the taste.


Everybody enjoys South Indian food, regardless of the day or mealtime.

Who doesn’t enjoy it, with a big bowl of sambhar, loaded with vegetables and daal (protein) whether it’s Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, Upma, or anything else? This meal relieves you of the guilt involved with overindulging in calories on your cheat day.


Pasta made of whole wheat, pulses, and ragi is amazing for your taste buds and body while trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle instead of refined flour pasta. Load up the pesto, Aglio olio, or red sauce pasta with lots and lots of vegetables in olive oil. For added goodness, add your preferred spices.


Yes, you can eat dessert but don’t ignore portion sizes. Keep in mind to only consume a small amount of the carrot cake or moong daal halwa. You can also cut back on a lot of calories if you can find a dessert made with stevia or jaggery. Making one at home using pure, fiber- and protein-rich foods like oats is the best option.

A meal that makes you happy is the best. Cheat meals should be both satiating and healthy. You can make your cheat meals a real treat without compromising on taste and health.

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