Summer season-best for Weight Loss

Is the Summer season-best for Weight Loss

It may sound a little familiar to you but it’s also a true change of season changes our environment, as well as our bodily requirements and functions, also changes thus there is a different effect on weight loss in every season but it’s not wrong that weight loss completely depends on your diet, physiology, and your dedication. One thing that can affect it or affect the rate of it is seasons.

Different factors that can help you lose weight is your diet, metabolism, sleep, etc. We will now discuss the main factors that might help you lose weight in summers:

  1. Sweating- Sweating is your body’s method to keep you cool. The hot weather makes your body sweat, which increases our energy and boosts our metabolism, resulting in more and more calories being burnt by the body naturally.
  2. Water – Lots of studies have shown the importance of water for weight loss, especially before every meal. The summer season makes us drink more water than usual due to hot weather, leading to a feeling of satiety and consuming less food then we would without it.
  3. Seasonal fruits and vegetables – There are so many fruits and vegetables in season during the summer season, and these are all high in water to help keep you full, hydrated, as well as fiber helps to lose weight and in general craving for fruits is also a lot more in summers leading to the fulfillment of all the micronutrient requirement also. Vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, eggplant, or bitter gourd and brinjal are all foods that are very healthy and can promote weight loss.
  4. Energy levels –  In summer’s lot of people feel more energetic than usual so working out can be a lot easier, Hence Summer is a good time to exercise and lose weight. You just make sure that you do not work out when it is hot outside, instead opt for indoor exercises like gym, swimming, etc. Try to exercise in the cool morning or evening hours to reduce the thermal stress.
  5. Hunger- One more reason that losing weight is easier in summer is that many people don’t feel hungry as much as they do in other months. A reason could be because of the sunlight that can act as a natural appetite suppressant by increasing our serotonin levels( serotonin may reduce cravings or appetite or happiness  ) making you feel fuller even if you are not full, thus resulting in eating less, which helps to lose weight.
  6. You’re happier –  Unlike in winter season, where many of us may experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the summer season makes us feel good and happy. Numerous Studies data have shown that people with SAD are prone to eat more during winters, hence making them gain weight. Summer naturally enhances the mood for many of us, exposure to sunlight increases levels of serotonin and melatonin (it plays an important role in sleep).


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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