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Weight Management Webinar – Dr Shikha Sharma & Team

In today‘s webinar, Dr. Shikha Sharma & her team are answering questions on weight management and lifestyle disorder management.

Q1 : How to reduce belly fat?

Q2: How to control craving for sweets?

Q3 : How to reduce post-pregnancy weight?

Q4 : How to reduce weight during menopause?

Q5 : Tips for hypothyroid patients

Q6 : Tips for clients having Thyroid and PCOS

Q7 : Tips for clients having pre-diabetes and hypothyroidism.

Q8 : How to cure bloating and what should be the diet for an obese person with high gastritis

Q9: How to consume amala churn and the best time to consume and its benefits?

Q10: Is protein very much necessary for women after the age of 44 for weight loss?

Q11 : Side effects of consuming whey protein (if consumed too much)

Q12 : How to lose weight in a healthy way (without starvation).

Purchase a personalized weight management plan as per your body type and also improve your medical conditions.

Gastro-Intestinal health: Ask us anything
Weight And Hypothyroidism Management – Dr. Shikha Sharma & Team

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  1. Arjun Gupta

    Hi I am obese with 138 kg weight pls help

  2. Asha

    I want to loose weight without starving

  3. Mrs Vidyalakshmi H

    For knowledge and tips

  4. sukumar deka

    is posible online treatment cure?

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