Doing Wrong During Detoxification

What Am I Doing Wrong During Detoxification

Detoxification diet is a specific kind of diet regime that enables us to detox our body in its own way. This peculiar diet regime is lighter on our gastric system and is simpler for our body to manage meanwhile it gets energy and timespan to accomplish its regular curative and detox procedures. Also, this kind of regime for a while has a cleansing result on our whole body.

Now let’s talk about why detoxification is beneficial, what are you doing wrong during detoxification and what are the things one should keep in mind while doing the same.

As we all know, we all are living in an atmosphere where we all are manifested to various kinds of harmful elements i.e variation in the climate and various kinds of food. The contributory elements apart from food are contaminants, radiations, stress, and anxiety we encounter on a regular basis which can cause a buildup of toxins in our body.

Detoxification is something we do but it also happens in our body from day to day, nonstop. However, the shortcomings that may hamper this process are some health-related complications. This is why it becomes more important to do dietary detoxification of your body. Try Organic India Clean Program, to get immediate results. 

Now let’s discuss what are the things one should do and should avoid while following this regime:

  • One can opt for 1-day detox once in a fortnight or once in a week. It should be kept in mind while doing this that it should not be more than 2 consecutive days and should be done under the guidance of a professional if suffering from an ailment.
  • The elementary point one should keep in mind is to feel and think positively and give their body some food in the span of every 2-21/2 hours.
  • The foods which are chosen for a detox diet are generally fruits and their juices, vegetables, and their juices.
  • One should minimize the consumption of cereals and grains during the detox plan and if opting for one should go for fibrous cereals like broken wheat, multi millets, etc.
  • Caffeine is a big no, you must as it contains tannins and oxalates. One can replace these beverages with herbal infusions while following the same.
  • Detoxification diet regimes do not permit sugar, processed foods. One can take little jaggery while following the same as it is far better than refined sugar.
  • Only vegetarian meals are permitted during detoxification as it will increase the alkalinity of our gut rather than acidic pH.
  • One can prepare different varieties of soups with their favorite veggies and can season it with Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut oil.
  • Milk and dairy are a complete no during detoxification as it also promotes acidic pH in our gut which is not considered favorable while doing detoxification.
  • One can consume sprouts while following the same to get a feeling of satiety.

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