Diabetes in Kids

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes in Kids

For many years Diabetes was considered as the disorder that occurs in adults only. In fact the condition was so, that it was also known as Adult-Onset Diabetes. But what we knew about the adult disorder now has become common for children also.

Type 2 Diabetes in Kids

A child’s obesity or his overweight can directly be linked to the development of Type 2 Diabetes, as this has increased the chances of having insulin resistance. Having either of the two parents or both creates even more chances of developing Diabetes in kids, it just doubles up the predictions.
Following are the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes, which kids develop over time:
a) Excessive Thirst: If a child suddenly develops an all-time thirsty habit then it could be a sign of his/her high blood sugar levels.
b) Excessive Fatigue: If your child feels tired or energyless most of the time, then it could be the changes in blood sugar levels that are making him lethargic.
c) Increased Urination: This is another sign that clearly depicts the change in blood sugar levels. Excessive blood sugar levels lead to an excess sugar passing in urine along with water, this leads to running to the restroom again and again.
d) Increased Hunger: Insulin is the hormone that helps utilize the sugar in the bloodstream and gives energy to the body. If enough insulin is not produced or used by the body, then children feel the need to eat frequently, a condition also known as Polyphagia.
e) Darkened Skin: A condition known as Acanthosis Nigricans, in which the skin near armpits and neck becomes dark in color. This is a clear sign of Insulin Resistance.
f) Slow-healing wounds: If your child has prolonged healing of any wound then it’s a clear sign of insulin insensitivity.

Type 1 Diabetes in Kids

This type of Diabetes is also known as Juvenile Diabetes which generally comes through genes of the parents. In this, the pancreas is unable to produce the hormone Insulin, which is why the child/ person is always dependent on taking synthetic insulin life long.
Type 1 carries almost the same symptoms as Type 2 Diabetes which we discussed above, but have few add ons:
a) Unintentional Weight Loss: This is a typical characteristic of Type 1, when a child starts losing weight and overall lean muscle mass. This is a clear sign strong enough for you to make him see a Doctor.
b) Fruity Smelling breath: This symptom is very common in children with this type of Diabetes.
c) Irritability and Behaviour Changes: As the body suffers not being able to use sugar for energy, a changed pattern of behavior comes into the front, generally accompanied by irritation.
d) Blurred Vision: This is another common sign of Diabetes especially in children.
The Best way to manage both kinds of Diabetes in children is to note and observe the symptoms as early as possible. If you find any changes make sure you visit a doctor and discuss all with him. Proper medications, healthy food, regular exercise, regular checks of blood sugar, and family support can help your child manage this disorder in an easy way.
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