What is Green Coffee and What Makes It Talk of the Town?

Tea has become the necessity of the kitchen as no day starts off without tea given to us long back by the Chinese dynasty and with the passage of time the changes in food trends and choices of people new food came in trend which was green tea, a bundle of anti-oxidants with lots of research stating that it has positive effect on the overall body diseases. Now in the current time, Green coffee has taken the same limelight and it is consumed as the way green tea was consumed.

What is Green Coffee?

As we all know coffee is prepared from coffee beans which are roasted and ground to give that mesmerising odour and flavour, same ways the non-roasted beans when ground to produce the powdered form is Green coffee. The main component present in this green bean is Chologenic acid which is supposed to produce a positive effect on weight reduction.

Benefits of Green Coffee:

  1. rich in anti-oxidants

  2. metabolism booster

  3. helps in burning the fat

  4. controls the hunger pangs

  5. lowering the bad cholesterol levels

  6. blood circulation is improved

  7. detoxifies naturally

  8. energy booster

  9. the free radical effect is reduced

  10. strong immune system

  11. slows the skin’s ageing

  12. moisturises the skin

  13. improves the quality of hair

  14. helps to work against baldness

Shall we consume it or not!

The statement on the consumption still has not proved that it actually proves effective in weight loss and other categories. Besides that, it is not easily available and it is unsafe to consume it without having a proper word with any professional.

The side effects of the products can be avoided at all which are similar to that of the regular coffee as well:

  • disturbed stomach function

  • heartbeat rate might increase

  • the frequency of urination increases

  • disturbed sleep pattern

  • anxious mood and nature

  • feeling of restless

More studies are needed to be done before giving a complete note of acceptance to the safer consumption of the green coffee as n weight managing food source.

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